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Kihei Kalama Village Surveillance Installation

CCTV Video Surveillance Installation at Maui’s Kihei Kalama Village outdoor mall!  One of the biggest and most high-tech all-in-one security systems in Hawaii, as proclaimed by some MPD detectives.

A wide variety of IP-based camera types were included in this project, which required a very unique custom network security design by Aloha Secure LLC.  Various models of bullet, dome, PTZ, and other cameras were used to meet the requirements of the KKV management team.  Advanced network architecture was used to separate camera streaming traffic from Internet-facing traffic (e.g. traffic sent to phones and mobile devices, remote computers/servers etc.), while trunking multiple PoE switches across the entire mall property while using PoE inverters and other methods to boost the data/power signal over Cat6 cabling.  All in all a very impressive project with great compliments by KKV property management and various MPD detectives and personnel, etc.


KKV pole mounted cameras

KKV pole mounted cameras – including the infamous PTZ


Professional camera systems design by Aloha Secure LLC

Professional camera systems design by Aloha Secure LLC


Professional pole-mounted cameras with zoom

Professional pole-mounted cameras with zoom

Date 01 Jul, 2019

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KKV mall video surveillance cctv installation

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